Friday, April 23, 2004

Well I did tell you I would show you a picture of my sister and her fiance - so here is the family informal anouncement. Enjoy!

Ah yes - Friday's Daily Dirt

Would you...
Friday, April 23, 2004
1. eat a slug for $10? - maybe for a little more money
2. jump off the roof of your house for $15? (no safety nets or harnesses!) - if I was jumping into a swimming pool - I just might
3. lick a taxi drivers armpit for $50? - not even for a $100 would I do that
4. french kiss michael jackson for 10 minutes for $60? - I do have some limits
5. moon in front of 100 people you know and know of for $100? - sure, why not
It is Friday, Friday, Friday....The weekend is here...WOO HOO!!! Let the party begin!!
Here is how the weekend should go:
1 - You get invited to the pre-party - small gathering a friends at where the party will take place - about an hour or so before everyone is scheduled to arrive - this allows you to get to good drinks before everyone drinks them and to start feeling good (if you know what I mean)
2 - party time - the guest start arriving - some a little early, some fashionably late - drinks start flowing, music gets turned up, bodies start dancing, conversation is limited to "What are you drinking?" and "Need another drink?", and the party really begins.
3 - post party - the party has all but ended and most of the guest have left to go home or to another gathering - the group that is left is pretty much the group that started the night off at the pre-party. the drinks are all gone but everyone seems to feel hungry, what better way to continue the night that to go to some 24 hour place for a little food, coffee and time to sober up
4 - Like on shampoo bottles - Lather, Rinse, Repeat - This is the course for all the weekends!

This has been brought to you by the people who know how to party - the PKs! This is my shout out to you and I wish we were all still in college - because I miss those parties!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

And now I leave you with - Thursday's Daily Dirt

Entertainment Faves
Thursday, April 22, 2004
1. Favorite Movie? - Top Gun
2. Favorite TV Show? - Alias, Gilmore Girls, JAG, Friends (can't just pick one)
3. Favorite Band/Singer? - DMB and Enya
4. Favorite Song? - What a wonderful world
5. Favorite Celebrity? - Tom Cruise
Oh what a busy day today was... tons of stuff to do in the morning - in a meeting all afternoon... IT is a good day - the sun is out and not many clouds in sight! Here is some Food For Thought with:

Thursday Threesome

April 22, 2004
We were talking about how things get done here at the Back Porch and thought we'd include everyone in the discussion: ::A geek in the family::

A geek-- Hey, who handles tech support at your place? You? ...the six year old? ...or someone from outside? ...and how about in your web space? No, we're not looking for techs; we're just curious.
Well while going to college I was the one who handled the tech support as a member of our ResNet - My title was Residential Computer Consultant - but I decided against making a career out of it.

in the-- computer? Just a curiosity for the designer types: what Operating System are you running? ...and which browser? Since sites can show up differently in different browsers it's more than a casual question.
Max OS X - switch from Netscape and Internet Explorer

Family-- Do any family members read your place? Do they care? Do they have a clue? ...and how about your 'off line' friends? ...or do you supply a little bit of separation there?
I don't think any of my family members know I have a blog - Most of my 'off-line' friends know I have it and check it out every so often. Those 'on-line' friends - some know, some take a peak, some don't.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Quiz Me
princess aj was
a Well'Known Slug
in a past life.

Discover your past lives @ Quiz Me

Time for some Wednesday Whatevers

1. What era would you have liked to live in? - Middle Ages
2. Why does history repeat itself? - Why does history repeat itself?
3. Why did you choose the email username that you did? - smcchick2 - Saint Mary's College Chick 2 (second in my family to go there) - burnsy79 - nickname/year I was born in

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Tuesday's Daily Dirt
Fairest of them all...
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
1. What hair color do you think is the most pretty for a girl and for a guy? - for a guys and girls - either dirty blonde or dark brown
2. Blue, Brown or Green Eyes? - Blue or green for guys with dark hair - cool combo
3. Most attractive skin tone? - slightly taned
4. Long hair or short (guys and girls)? - guy - short to justa little shaggy - girl - shoulder length
5. Tall or short? - both - average to tall
Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things You Want To Do Before You Die

1. Visit Italy and Ireland
2. Take a hot air balloon ride
3. Drive a racecar
4. Get Married
5. Have kids
6. Take another trip to Hawaii
7. Parachute out of a plane
8. Pay off my student loans
9. Buy my dream car - BMW Z3 Roadster
10. Go on another cruise

Monday, April 19, 2004

Ok found an idea from Blog Ideas

An ode to your couch

Oh old couch how I love you so
you came to me when I needed you most
sign said free to good home
I covered your worn clothes
with new ones from the store
now you're the center of the room
Oh old couch how I love you so

Time for Monday Madness

Pick a letter; any letter.........Got one?
Ok, for the following questions, each of your answers must begin with the letter you chose.......Have fun!! =)
1. If you were limited to 3 things to pack for an overnight trip, what would you pack? toothbrush, blanket, underwear
2. What 3 things would you pack in your picnic basket? - water, sandwiches, fruit
3. What are 3 things you'd rather do than go to work? - sleep, hike, swim
4. Name 1 song. - Manic Monday
5. Name 1 movie. - 28 Days Later
Well the weekend rain has continued on into the work week.... It is a big Bummer! But I hear that it is going to be warm this weekend. I sure hope so, I'm sick of the rain. Oh and Monday (that would be next Monday) expect an annoucement to be made here...Can't divulge (sp?) the info yet! Ooo yeah hopefully I will be able to post the email informal announcement of my sister's engagement.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

The Daily Dirt

Sunday, April 18, 2004
1. What are your nicknames given to you by your friends? - dork, panda, weazy, burnsy, burns, Amanda 'turns and' Burns, Amanda Burns it, AB
2. Do you have any embarassing ones? If so, what are they? - I'm sure some of the above mentioned names could be considered as embarassing
3. What are your nicknames for your significant other (if you have one)? - babe - sweetie
4. What are your significant other's nicknames for you? sweetie
5. Do you nickname objects? - I sure do - Computer is Pedro, Fridge is Fred
Ok well this weekend was a bummer - the sun went away and rain began to fall - the temperature dropped and the wind started to pick up. Oh how I wish I was someplace warm :)

But until then - here is another round of Unconcious Mutterings

  1. Virginia:: West
  2. Soft:: Fluffy
  3. Carol:: ing
  4. Vanity:: Fair
  5. Feminist:: Rights
  6. Alias:: mmm... hottie Michael Vartan
  7. Coward:: Yellow
  8. Beer:: Drink
  9. Chance:: Fate
  10. Honest:: Truthful