Thursday, January 08, 2004

In addition to my previous post regarding lisa the loony ones post of being number one - here are the things I am number one on

Princess AJ
Banana Drums

Also there are 247,000 web pages with Amanda Burns - My slambook is number 3!

And there are 6,910,000site with Amanda

64,200 sites of Banan Drums

And for kicks there are 280,000,000 with :P

Such a small world we live in....
After checking out the loony ones blog on how she is number one. I found this SITE that keeps track of how many sites your blog is attached to... i searched for mine, and got a measly 2 sites - one is an old loon site and the other is a "what's on...right now" - So hopefully I can change that stat soon...

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I'm doing good... 4 posts today...

This is for The Friday Five (ok so today is Wed, oh well)

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

Sleeping - the past couple of nights I haven't gotten the best sleep

2. ...over the next week?
This weekend's birthday party for my friends 2-year-old! Care Bear themed - you know the 80's are bacK!

3. ...this year?
New Year, New Me - I cut my hair, get back in shape, move up in the job market, get a boyfriend

4. ...over the next five years?
Paying off my car just 3 years to go
Marrying said above boyfriend
Continuing to move up in the job market

5. ...for the rest of your life?
Paying off my student loans - paying until 2016
Having kids and growing old! yeah it doesn't have to be that bad - my grandfather is 91 and still going strong.
For What's On Right Now

What's On your calendar Right Now?
I just hung up my new Curious George 2004 Calendar in my apartment. It matches the decor in my 'dining room' - curious george table cloth and window valance. January is a bit blank except this weekend. My friend's little girl is turning 2 and there is a Care Bear themed party that I will be attending.
ok so now I got to view the blog so here i go with the blog

Unconcious Mutterings
I say...You think...

  1. Vintage::Figures - just happens to be an assortment of toys I'm involved in at work
  2. Longing::I long for sunny days and the beach
  3. Specimen:: Just think if gigantic insects ruled the world - we would be the specimens that they have is glass jars
  4. Mock:: ing - Yeah - Dumb and Dumber
  5. Shit:: y - the kind of weather I'm dealing with right now
  6. Friday:: Night parties - miss them - the PK parties were the best
  7. Cruel:: Intentions - great movie - love Ryan Phillipe
  8. Insufficient:: Evidence - watching way to may lawyer shows
  9. Pessimistic:: don't you hate those kind of people
  10. Grin:: what I have on my face, now that my blog is up and running

Well for some reason, I can't view my blog... I post something and publish it, but when I try at go to VIEW BLOG, what do I get but the signon page... So who knows if anyone can even get to my pages.. and read my very cool posts.

I guess I will keep writing in hopes that I can eventually view the blog. Computers.... I swear sometimes I wish I could just throw them out the window. I mean I was all set to start the new year right and write to this blog as much as possible, but what is the use when the thing won't work :P that is what I say!

Hmmm... what can I write about that eventually people will get to read. oh yeah I know, if you read my last post and went to the website I had linked to check this one out as well. Very cool stuff.

ooo, tv commercial for DVD of SWAT is on... love that colin farrel. yummy man. too bad he had a kid. Why does it have to be rainy. Where is the love, sun god! I need to be back on the beaches of Maui, that is where the sun is. Lets just uproot myself and be a beach bum on Maui.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Woo hoo it is 2004!

I'm back from my 2 week vacation, could have had another week off to just eat and sleep the time away.

I figure that with the new year, I'm going to be better in getting things posted on this blog. Not so much as a resolution, but just because I want to. So here I go (this might be a long winded post) These are all the things that have been floating in my head since I last wrote....

Christmas was great - spent it in Ptown! RAIN is one word to describe Xmas this year. It didn't stop all dat on the 25th. Eye-Karumba (ha ha) My bag o swag this year consisted of an ipod, purse, nice comfy robe, slippers, sweater, money, candle, oranments, dvds, pictures, t-shirts. All very cool things!

New Year's was spent up in Monterey. The fam did NYE at the aquarium. I have to say that was one of the cooler NYEs I have had. Just us and the fishies! Didn't win any of the door prizes they raffled off, but got to drink and see some jellies and sharks so it was a great night.

Did some movie watching - LOTR-ROTK and Mona Lisa Smile - both good movies would go see ROTK and sit through 3 hours of the movie again just to see Viggo, Orlando and Elijah - YUMMY!!! Now if I ever get around to reading the books (which I got when the first one came out, with the intention of reading them before the movies came out but I didn't get past page 84) When I read I will have their pictures in my head - And that can't be a bad thing. Oh my dad got me the Golden Collection of the Looney Tunes on DVD - 56 cartoons! Spent the weekend watching them all! LOVED THEM! I'm a sucker for Bugs and Marvin ;) I then went and bought Pirates of the Carribean, SWAT and Fantasia on dvd and have been watching one movie a night - Love Orlando, and Johhny and Colin and most of all

Yesterday was the first day back to work, yuck! wished I was still on vacation. New year, New Boss, New SW movie. Gonna be getting crazy, that is all I can say. New year will bring new things, maybe new jobs, but that is a whole other story I will save for another day. Just note if you get the chance check out this site.

On a completely other topic, I realized that the ex (yeah i know I still think about him - BAD) and I had something in common with TV life (a google search will do wonders). His name is a character name from Dawsons Creak - Chris Wolfe and mine was Heather Locklear's name Amanda Burns...Wierd huh?!?!

And segway (not the new people mover - that thing is not safe the president even fell off) into my new obsession (maybe I will try to update my obsession list on each post or whenever I get a new one)
Nsync - but I still love them
Long Hair
My Palm
Orlando Bloom
My Ipod

Ok well that is about it for this post...